Thursday, November 4, 2010

Guest Post: An Update from Mom

I was away for the past few days, tending to some details at my house in Pennsylvania.  My mom and my brother Chris have been here at Walter Reed, and my mom has written an update on Billy...


We arrived here at Walter Reed Army Medical Center ("Home of the Wounded Warrior") exactly 4 weeks ago today.  Billy has made AMAZING strides since that day, and continues to "do one better" each day.  The changes seem minute based on a 24-hour day, but when you put them in perspective to how sick he was, he's doing great!

Yesterday (Tuesday) morning, Billy opted to have the catheter tube inserted.  It should help to drain the sack of fluid which is under his infectious spot on his left side.  That procedure took about an hour.  The purpose of the catheter is to try to clear out as much of the infected fluid as possible, so that he won't need to be on antibiotics all of the time.  However, along with that comes increased risk for more infection. It is a catch-22. This morning they took a sample of the fluid to culture.  Because of the strength of the antibiotic he is on, even if there is any bacteria, it may not show itself.  It would be a while before they could really determine if the antibiotics are still needed.  All other vitals continue to stay strong.

When he got back to the room, I expected him to sleep the rest of the day.  But to my surprise, he only nodded off a few times.  He was sure that his side was really going to hurt once the anesthesia wore off, yet not once did he mention it.  And today again he walked around the entire 7th floor with the Physical Therapist, without the aid of the walker!  Of course, he has the antibiotics, nutrition supplement (his liquid diet) and pain meds in tow.  It's not like he can just get up and take a quick jaunt around the floor.  It takes planning, and there's still a great deal of pain getting in and out of bed.  His stomach is still one solid mass as far as we can tell, and the fluids around the stomach and around his lungs are tough to deal with.  They make getting out of bed that much harder.

But again, today, he has only nodded off a few times.

Even visitors say that he looks better today than he did as recent as last week, and we know that last week was a vast improvement over just three weeks prior.

If you have his number and would like to call him, I'm sure he would love to hear from you. Or shoot him a text. Better yet, if at all possible,come on by! He loves seeing army buddies walk in to visit.  Just this evening he had his youngest visitor yet,  6 1/2-week-old Nathaniel, son of Joey and Naomi.

Thank you all for the cards and letters.  They encourage all of us.

Thank you also for joining us in our "march" around his stomach.  That was an amazing example of people united in prayer.  We continue to pray that his stomach will become pliable again so that he will be able to eat some real food by Thanksgiving.

Jill Bohren (Billy's Mom)


From Michelle:  A note on the trip to PA...  We left early Tuesday morning and returned late tonight (Wednesday night).  My dad and two of my brothers (Bobby and Danny) came along, and they did some amazing work on my house!  It was the first time any of them had seen my new-(ish) house, and it was fun to host them for a night.  I am incredibly blessed to have the family that I do.  :-)  While we were in State College, I got to introduce them to the wonders of Wegmans.  I thought I'd include a picture...just for fun.  

Bobby and my dad (Ken)...need I say more?


  1. So glad he is feeling better. Here's wishing you well. Mindy

  2. You don't know this news has already made my day and it's only 8:04am! This message here is for Jill, we have never met but my son Dustin Devine wre in the Old Guard together plus shared several apts. together. You are on my prayer list as well I can't imagine the strenght you must have to get through each day! But it sounds like progress is being made. Also thank you for raising such a kind, generous young man! Our entire family fell in love with Will the very first time we met him and still love and wish him the very best each day. Let Will know that we are thinking of him and I will text or call soon.

  3. Good morning, everyone!

    Will, I had your number in my phone and in my complete incompetence have deleted it somewhere along the way. So let me just say "good morning", now!!
    We love you and we are believing in those miracles for you! The girls pray for you every morning and every night. They are very excited to come and see you. We all are. Hopefully sometime this month.
    Keep fighting. Keep believing. God does.


    p.s. Jill, I think that you are amazing!!

  4. Hi there Will and family,

    I am praying for you as I saw this on facebook. God has you my brother and will never leave you nor forsake you. Life is tough but the human spirit is strong and it sounds like you are especially strong!

    I don't know if you have been told about the power of vitamin c and d for cancer? Also, glutathione and vitamin B12? Anyway, here is a link to info on that, hope it helps!

    God bless and hold you tight. :)

  5. I think you and Michelle are good writers, by the way! Thanks for the update.

  6. Praying, never ceasing, for Will and his amazing family. I hold you in my heart. ♥♥♥ Deborah

  7. Hey Billy,
    We haven't met, but we are not strangers. Dot and I were in Silverton where Mark Lawson, our nephew, is pastor of the Silverton Church on the Hill. Your name came up in the worship service, October 3, 2010. Many people prayed for you that day.
    We are members of the First Baptist Church in Collinsville, TX. Your have also been in the prayers of dozens of members here.
    We were glad to read of your tremendous improvement, and we expect to hear one day of your complete recovery. God can do that!
    We know you are a strong person....weak men don't earn wings to fly Blackhawks for our Army. We also know you are strong because of what mom Jill, sister Michelle, and uncle Paul have said about you. We know, as you do, where such strength comes from....just one of the many gifts of God granted to those who call upon Him. Continue to fight this health problem, Billy, with the same fervor and resolve you have exhibited by your willingness to fight for your country....the same valor is necessary for both these undertakings.
    We, and hundreds of our friends, will continue to pray for you, with the assurance that you are in the hands of the Great Healer. (Bill will tell you sometime about the miracles of healing, and other miracles, in his life.)
    To Jill, Michelle, Paul, and all the other loved ones who are with you there: We join you as brothers and sisters in Christ, all in the family of God, in loving support of Warrior Billy as he continues to fight the cancer. We expect the miracle!
    In loving prayer and brotherhood,
    Bill and Dot Lawson

  8. To JIll,
    This is a 'PS' to the message we sent a few minutes ago.
    We failed to mention dad Ken and brothers Chris, Bobby, and Danny. We want them too (and all other family members) to know that they are in our prayers as we all support the Warrior in his battle.
    God bless you all!
    Expecting a miracle, we are your brother and sister in Christ,
    Bill and Dot Lawson

  9. I have to say, I got the sweetest hug from Ken right before he left Durango to head out to you guys. Please know that however we can help, we will be there. Much love & prayers!


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