Saturday, October 30, 2010

Will You March with Us?

My mom wanted to pass along an invitation to all of you...


The other day, I mentioned to Billy that I wished we could gather all of the people who are praying for him into one place at one time. We know there are hundreds of us, maybe even thousands.  Can you imagine the sight of thousands of people praying for Billy at the same time?  What a sound that would make!  As we continued to talk about the idea, Danny (his youngest brother), came up with a creative suggestion.  Even though we're spread out all over the world, what if we all prayed on the same day?

Monday, November 1, marks 40 days since Billy was diagnosed with gastric cancer.  In the Bible, the number 40 is often associated with periods of waiting for God to work.  God's people would also fast as they prayed.  In that spirit, we'd like to invite you to join us on November 1st for a day of fasting and prayer for Billy.

What would fasting look like?  Some people fast from everything but water.  Others--for health reasons or life obligations--choose to fast from particular foods, or from other things (like music or facebook or the Internet).  Whatever the case is for you, we wanted to invite you to fast with us, and to spend the day in prayer, asking that God would completely heal Billy's body.

In the book of Genesis, God promised to give the land of Canaan to the people of Israel.  Over time, the Israelites ran into a lot of difficulties.  One involved the city of Jericho.  It was a walled city--a fortress--and there seemed to be no way for the people of Israel to overtake the city.  So God gave them instructions.  The people were told to march around the city wall, one time each day for 6 days.  On the 7th day, they were to march around the wall 7 times, shouting and blowing trumpets during the final lap.  The idea probably seemed ludicrous.  The people of Israel certainly got mocked.  But they did as God instructed, and the city wall came tumbling down!  (Joshua 6:1-20)

Similar to marching around the wall of Jericho before the walls fell, we are asking each and every one to “march” your prayers around the hard cancerous wall of his stomach.  Please pray that God would crumble the hard mass of cancer, making it disappear completely.  Pray that God miraculously heals his body.

We’ve seen so many victories.  Some of the doctors have even called Billy's progress "miraculous."  Let’s trust God for the big one!

Thank you for praying!
Jill Bohren (Billy's Mom)


  1. Count me in!! Great idea. To God be the glory. He has done above and beyond all that we ask. I'm in!!!

    One Heart

  2. I LOVE this idea!!
    In November, I will be doing a "30 Days of Gratitude" series. Sharing this on my first day would be wonderful!
    I will message you, Michelle, but maybe we could do a linky to allow everyone to link up where they are praying from. Like the birthday linky.
    Yay! I'm so excited!!


  3. Michelle and WIll: We are with you and will "march" our prayers for will as you suggested. We love you all. The Patterson family of Long Island, New York.

  4. Hi Michelle and Will
    You've got it, count me in
    Dear Heavenly Father, as Nov 1st approaches, may we all who have agreed to pray and fast for Will, remember our obligation. Father watch over Will and give him and his family peace knowing you are right by their side each and every minute of each and every day
    In the sweet and holy name of Jesus our Saviour, Amen and Amen

  5. I am in and I will fast on Nov 1st and pray for your husband because with prayer anything is possible. I will begin with morning prayers as in saying them for him as I do every morning--then end the fast asking He neither sleeps nor slumbers to sending him a healing.

    Thank you for sharing this invite with us.

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Anne H. Peterson

  6. Thanks Anne. By the way, Billy is my brother, not my husband.

  7. You could create a custom Google map for all those who cannot link w/ a blog. You just add a teardrop where folks are's a sample and then some directions.,-95.712891&spn=30.986637,56.513672&z=4&msid=107741390897212913267.000493eb20e86a7e0ebd5

  8. p.s.
    I left the map open for people to Edit, so just click Edit and you can add a teardrop of your location if you like!

  9. I will joyfully join in praying to Our Great Healer for Billy tomorrow. I'm afraid that I will be unable to fast, however. Tomorrow I am bringing my mother to a cancer procedure (inserting her port) that requires her fasting before the procedure. I need to make sure that she gets something to eat afterward, and I think we will eat together. She wouldn't enjoy her meal as much, if I didn't eat with her. I'm sorry --it sounds like a cop out. Please know that I will be praying for Billy tomorrow.

  10. I will be praying for Will today and tomorrow. After reading your post regarding fasting I remembered a pastor we once had said that fasting could be anything. I'm glad you mentioned it as I have medicine I have to take along with food, but I will be fasting my chocolate. I'm a chocoholic and eat some after every meal, but tomorrow I will put it aside as I pray for your brother. Thanks to One Heart for leading me here.

  11. Matt Cole and I will march down a mountainous trail near our home in Pagosa Springs, CO tomorrow and pray along the way for Will. We will ask God that he take the peace of nature that we will surround ourselves with and send it Will's way... We hope that Will will one day be able to join us for the same hike. I will be passing on chocolate and Matt will be passing on his ML as well.
    Always in Our Thoughts and Prayers - Jen and Matt Cole

  12. Hello, I also will add my prayer for Billy. May the Holy Spirit hover over, around and into him with healing and love. In Jesus name amen.


  14. Of course, I will pray for him--he is in my prayers as is his whole family.

  15. Praying and fasting for Billy in Alaska!!!

  16. Yes, I'll march around that wall with you!
    Praying and fasting for Will in Ft Rucker, AL!
    Gayle Greenwell
    LSI / URS Academic Instructor

  17. Just wanted to let you know that Will has been in my prayers all day.

  18. I'm visting from Kurt's blog site! I am honored to join you in prayer for Billy. This day in the past few years [November 1st] has been a day of miracles in my own life and family. May God's will be done for Billy on earth as it is in heaven. May the God of Miracles - the God of Heaven and earth - heal his diseased body this day. May we not seek the miracle more than the Miracle Working God who may give it! He is the same Healer yesterday - today and forever. We can bodly come before His throne and ask of Him this prayer for healing on Billy's behalf.

    In Jesus' Name and by His power and for His glory alone we ask it, Amen!

    Choosing JOY, Stephanie

  19. my prayers each days will be for billy.

  20. Lord Hear Our Sincere Prayer for Billy!

  21. Praying for the Lord to minister mightily to Billy! Asking for His tender mercy and care over him.

  22. Joining with you on this Feast of All Saints, may all of heaven intercede for Billy, that he be completely healed! In Jesus' Name, amen!

  23. I spent the day in prayer for your brother and enlisted the assistance of many on fire prayer warriors from BIKERS FOR CHRIST, a world wide ministry that I serve with.

  24. Found this through 'KrippledWarrior'/Kurt...

    You are all in my thoughts and prayers...



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